What are the different shipping options available?
Button n Threads offer free worldwide shipping and the suit will arrive ready to be worn at your door within 21 working days of ordering. Buttons ‘n’ Threads is unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.
Which countries do we ship to?
Buttons n Threads has a global reach and ships worldwide to over 200 locations using DHL international express courier.
Do I get charged for additional taxes or tariffs such as custom duties on my Buttons ’n’ Threads order?
Certain countries charge taxes and custom duties on the order. Make sure to check up with the appropriate authorities before placing an order.
How long will it take for my suit to get delivered?
We ensure our orders are processed and delivered to your doorstep within 21 working days of ordering, and we will be in touch once your order has been shipped.
I want to change my shipping address. How do I do this?
To change your shipping address, you can get in touch with us at We’ll be happy to help you change your shipping address. This might cause a delay in delivery.
Is it possible to expedite the process?
Our current processing time is 21 days and we try our best to have it with you within the time frame. If you require your purchase before that send us an email at and we’ll try our best to expedite the process.
Why is part of my order on hold?
If this is your first order with Buttons n Threads, we want to make sure that your measurements are accurate for the perfect fit. So we ship one suit and place the others on hold in case of a multiple order to ensure consistency in measurements and fit. If you require a certain part of your order to be delivered before the other, send us an email at within 24 hours of your order.


My recent order does not fit as expected, what should I do?
If your suit doesn’t fit as expected get in touch with us at The first thing will be to check your measurements and make sure they are correct. We provide a ¼ inch margin in the suit for alterations and changes. If the measurements are not correct we’ll be happy to re-make the suit.

If your suit cannot be altered by a tailor or requires more than $75 worth of alterations, we will remake the suit for you. To apply for a remake, Log in to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Apply for remake’ and follow the simple steps. We’ll have suit at your doorstep within 3 weeks.
How long does it take to get a remake?
If the order is not what you had expected, in terms of the fit please log into your Account and follow the simple steps to order a remake, upload the pictures and the remake form so that we can analyze the problem and re-make the suit for you. The remake will take another 3 weeks but we at Buttons ‘n’ Threads will try our best to get it to you as soon as possible.
How do I submit updated measurements after an alteration?
All Updated information is uploaded using the My Account page. Log in to your Account and under Apply for Alteration, upload the alteration form filled by the local tailor and we’ll change it for you.
Where should I send the ill fitted garments once I apply for a remake?
The original garments should be sent back to address mentioned below in the smallest packaging possible so as to keep the shipping cost to the minimal. Please use a domestic post to ship the items back and place the following label on the outer packaging of the box.

Intelligent Threads Pvt. Ltd.
#Plot 330, Phase 2,
Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon
Haryana, India 122016
Return for Remake
Order No. #
Goods Returned to Vendor
What if my suit does not fit?
If your suit doesn’t fit well or need any alterations we at Buttons ’n’ Threads will do our best to make it right. We provide $75 in reimbursements for alterations at the local tailor and if the tailor deems the suit unfit for alteration we will make a new suit for you free of charge. Our main objective is to ensure customer satisfaction and we will take that next step to give you that perfect fit.
Read our Alteration and Refund Policy
Where should I get my clothing altered?
Buttons’n’Threads provides $75 alteration credit to every customer. You can get the suit altered from a local suit tailor or alternatively you can contact us at and we will recommend you one in your close reach. Just print out our alteration form and take it to your tailor to get your updated measurement and make sure to attach a copy along with the tailors receipt for the re-imbursement.


Can I manage multiple measurements from one account?
At present, our customers can only have one set of measurements per account. Another account with a different email address has to be created in order to manage a different measurement profile.
I want to change measurements on my current order, is this possible?
We provide a 24 hour time period if you have any revisions to your order. You can get in touch with us at and inform us of any changes to your measurements.
Can I use measurements taken by my tailor?
We recommend using our measurement process so we know exactly how the measurements were taken. Sometimes tailors take measurements that suit their style and hence we strongly do not recommend using measurements that are taken by your tailor.
Do I need a Tailor to take my Measurements?
The Buttons ‘n’ Threads measurement process is designed for home use and does not require a tailor. Anyone can measure themselves with the help of a friend as the process is simple and quick.
Can I base my measurements on a well-fitting suit that I own?
The measuring process employed at Buttons ‘n’ Threads is unique and designed to match your body profile. Measuring other garments does not provide the same accuracy and hence is strongly not recommended.
How are the measurements I submit used to create my custom suit?
The measurements you submit along with your body profile are all used as reference so our tailors have a good understanding when creating your custom suit. Using your cut preference, body profile and measurements our tailors will combine their experience in cutting and pattern making to construct your custom suit.


Can I make my suit a three-piece?
Yes of course, our collection includes three piece suits as well. With all our two piece suits we have provided an additional option to make it a three piece if you like. As you go through the customization process you will have the option to choose the number of buttons and lining colour for your vest.
What style is best for me?
Please feel free to contact our fashion mavens at for specific style advice.
What are the widths of your suit jacket lapels?
The widths of the lapels vary according to individual measurements, however on average the lapels are constructed to the following measurements at their widest points:

- Peak Lapel: 2.75"
- Notch Lapel: 2.75"
- Slim Lapel: 2.35"
- Double Breasted: 3.14"
Do you take orders for weddings?
Yes, we do take orders for weddings as well. Please contact our service team at for specifics and processing orders for weddings or check out the wedding page on our website.
I forgot to add a customization to my order. Is this still possible?
This can still be possible as long as the order has not been sent to our tailors. Please contact as soon as possible to check the status on your order.
Can I receive functional sleeve buttonholes on my first order?
Yes, however we may have difficulties in remaking your order with changes in sleeve length.
Are your suits fully canvassed?
Custom suits at Buttons ‘n’ Threads are half canvassed with superior quality horse hair interlining that is hand stitched to the interfacing.


How can I pay for my order?
Buttons ‘n’ Threads offers two payment options:

1-Visa, MasterCard, or American Express - Using a SSL encrypted credit card processor.
2-PayPal, a heavily encrypted third party payment processor, is offered in addition to the Buttons ‘n’ Threads credit card processor. PayPal is a secure form to pay and used by millions of people daily. You do not need a PayPal account to use this payment method.
How can I trust that my credit card transaction is safe?
Our website features a SSL secure connection during the transaction, keeping your information secure and private.
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