At Buttons 'n' Threads it’s important that work be fun and exciting so you enjoy working. When we look back from the future we want to be recognized as a company that not only delivered great products but as a company that had fun doing it. We believe that our values reflect who we are and who we want to be:

Be Entrepreneurial

We’re still a small,entrepreneurial company where we strive to learn and grow every day. We aren’t afraid to do things differently and we’re always looking for opportunities to grow

Be Empathetic

We’re all about our customers. On the way we might disappoint someone but we see this as an opportunity to serve them better and improve our service. This requires an understanding from their perspective and this is what we aim to achieve.

Be Positive

We believe that a positive outlook enhances the individual and makes a positive impact on the team. Solutions and ideas are generated through a positive frame of mind and the desire to innovate and change.


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