Alterations & Returns

At Buttons ‘n’ threads we beleive that your suit just has to fit right. If your suit is anything less than perfect let us know and we’ll do everything possible to make it right. After all its all about you with Buttons ’n’ Threads.



If your item requires any adjustments or alterations, Buttons ’n’ Threads will provide you with a credit of $75 dollars to get it altered locally by a tailor. To apply for alteration credit, follow the simple steps and have the tailor fill out our alteration form.


1. Download and print our alteration form

Read through our alteration form to understand the alteration process better and to what extent the suit can be altered.


2. Take the form and your suit to the tailor for alteration.

To apply for alteration credit, you will be required to have the alterations form filled by the tailor indicating the changes in measurement that were done to which areas, in Inches.


3. Apply for alteration credit.

Follow our simple steps to claim your alteration credit. We’ll require you to upload a photographed or a scan copy of the receipt from the local tailor and update the measurement changes under your account provided by the tailor. 

Apply here


Alteration Credit can be applied within 30 days of the order being shipped. Once Buttons ’n’ Threads processes the alteration refund, it will show a credit in your statement after 7-10 days.


In the case of the purchase been made using a gift certificate. The money will be refunded to you in the form of a gift card issued to the value of the alteration.



If the tailor deems the suit unfit for alteration, Buttons ‘n’ Threads will remake it for you because we believe that your suit just has to fit right. To apply for a remake, please submit a remake application under my account within 14 days of your order being shipped for our service team to review.


Buttons ‘n’ Threads has the complete right to deny remake requests in all circumstances, such as where alterations can be completed locally or measurement errors are significantly incorrect, etc. We cannot remake items based on customization changes. Individuals are responsible for return shipping costs of remade items.



If in the case that you are not totally satisfied with your item you can apply for a return. To be considered eligible for return, an item should be postmarked to Buttons ‘n’ Threads within 21 days of its ship date.


 If the items have been altered or adjusted in any way Buttons ‘n’ Threads will not accept such products.


Customers are responsible for return shipping charges.


Only products that are in unworn and good condition will be accepted. Buttons ‘n’ Threads reserves the right to deny the issuance of a refund to an order that is believed to be previously worn/damaged or an item that qualifies for a remake, in which case a remake will be offered. 


Packages received at the Buttons ‘n’ Threads head office that does not meet the aforementioned requirements will be sent back to the customer without a refund.


If the items were a part of a promotion, they should all be returned to process a full refund. Items kept with the customer or not shipped will be charged at full market value.

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