The days leading up to the launch of Buttons ‘n’ Threads, we spent months finding the right product to offer – the very same one that you would be proud of having in your wardrobe. In the glorified world of men’s fashion where the majority look to the most economical source for production, there is an exception when you stumble onto a product that makes you say, “Yes! This is how it’s supposed to be!” This is the feeling that Buttons ‘n’ Threads is built upon; and this is the very same feeling we want you to experience when you open that neat little package that just arrived at your doorstep.

We’ve always been asked why ‘Buttons ‘n’ Threads? Partly why we chose the name Buttons ‘n’ Threads is to signify the attention to detail towards every product that we offer. Each product goes through 72 quality checks before leaving the production floor. Whether it’s the subtle grain on a bull horn button or a stitch made using the renowned Guetermann thread, the goal is to offer high quality clothing that doesn’t just make us proud, but most importantly makes you proud to call it your own.

Having built the forefront of our brand on quality, we didn’t want to stop just there. Apart from great quality and design, we know that fit matters. We want you to reach out to a Buttons ‘n’ Threads item in your wardrobe knowing that it’s the better fitting item. All our products can be tailored to your specific requirements to deliver that piece of clothing that you would want to wear day after day.

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